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Fluid leaks from the engine compartment we identified and fixed, but residual spotting of fluid occurred. O'Gorman's stood behind their work and vigorously attempted to identify the persistent leak. Power steering fluid and engine oil were leaking. The power steering leak was identified as a faculty cap on the pump. Replacement cured that leak, but engine oil spotting continued on the cardboard placed under the car in the home garage. O'Gorman's inspected the area again, clean all areas, ran the engine and could not evoke a leak in the shop. I was impressed by their willing to work with me and clearly they shared in the frustration on not able to identify the persistent leak. So far the engine is not spotting the cardboard. If it does, a diary of previous driving conditions will be noted to determine if there is a pattern (condition) that induces intermittent leaking. Without question, I will continue to have my car serviced at O'Gorman's because their work is high quality, and they stand behind a repair that fails and do not charge additionally because the work is warrantied. The service managers at the front desk are knowledgeable and pleasant.

- Dan R.

O'Gorman' always communicates well, does good work, informs customer of issues that could cause problems later but does not "hard sell" or pressure you into having those jobs completed immediately. We have been a customer for years.

- Paula & Morgan M.

Professional. Thorough. Excellent Communication. Exceedingly satisfied!

- Lowell T.

Outstanding! Went the extra mile to determine that a small rock caused my blend door motor not to function and then removed it; heater works and I didn't have to pay the $1500 I was told by another source to replace entire assembly!

- Jon K.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your honesty and recommendations about my older car. I don't want to get screwed over doing something I don't need done and I trust your team.

- Diane S.

As usual, I was very pleased with the service I received.

- Tom L.

Fast turn around and a fair price. Didn't try to force other work on us, even though there may have been other things that could probably have been done. Will be back the next time we need service of any kind!

- Andrew S.

Your service is great. You and your people show that you care not only about the vehicle but also about the person.

- Thomas L.

The professional approach of the owner and the technician was appreciated. The place is clean, up-to-date, and friendly. We look forward to using them again.

- David Z.

O'Gorman's gets an A++ from me. Outstanding service with very knowledgeable staff. If ever I need my van worked on again,you will be the first ones I call on. Thank you!

- Kristen

I always feel confident that my car is in good working order after servicing at O'Gorman's.

- Jane

O'Gorman's has been my car shop for years and I will continue to go back.  I enjoy speaking with the women up front, they answer my questions and explain what I need to know.  I did ask to see what they recommended last time and the technician showed me everything, it was really nice!  They have stood by the warranty for me when I had an issue.  I don't think they are the cheapest shop in town (although, they always send me coupons :-) but I prefer going here over the dealer and feel they do actually care about me! Thank you for the good service!

- Laura S.

7105 W North Avenue, Wauwatosa, WI, 53213, United States
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